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Chapter 8-K: Sexually Transmitted Disease


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Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) include syphilis, HIV, HPV, gonorrhea, chlamydia and herpes. Syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia can be treated and cured. HPV and Herpes can be treated, but there is no cure. Clinics and private doctors can diagnose and treat STD. In Baltimore County, you can be treated confidentially in County Health Department clinics. If you suspect you have contracted a STD, it is important that you see a doctor immediately in order to be diagnosed and treated.




Baltimore County Department of Health: Reproductive and Sexual Health (Family Planning and Sexually Transmitted Infection Services)
Free STD testing during clinic hours. If STD is found, appropriate treatment will be administered. Note: absolute and complete confidentiality is maintained about any STD tests or treatments given regardless of a patient's age. No one denied treatment.

  • Eastern Family Resource Center
    9100 Franklin Square Drive
    Baltimore, MD 21237
    Phone: 410-887-6452

  • Woodlawn Health Center
    1811 Woodlawn Drive
    Baltimore, MD 21207



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